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Embrace the joys of a good spanking

Spanking, whacking, beating, smacking, a jolly good thrashing: this thing we do has multiple permutations. Spanking can be therapeutic and beneficial to heart and mind. It can be disciplinary, a way of dealing with real life indiscretions and wiping the slate clean. Or it can be purely for enjoyment, two likeminded enthusiasts sharing kinky fun for the joy of it. I love it all.


Trust me with your fantasy, and let’s go on a journey of discovery together. 


Hi, I'm Pandora Blake

Spanking is my core erotic theme and my first love. I am a lifelong corporal punishment enthusiast, and I understand the fetish inside out - not just the erotic thrill of the sensations, but the psychology and headspace as well. As an experienced spanking practitioner, I can help you explore your desires in a safe and consensual way.

With nearly two decades of professional experience, I'm a professional spanker, disciplinarian and pro-domme based in the UK. I'm an internationally-recognised kink educator, and an expert in roleplay, discipline, and corporal punishment - I've taught workshops on spanking and caning across the globe. I'm a switch, which means I understand what it's like to be on the receiving end and I practice my art with empathy and compassion. I offer a nurturing and non-judgmental space in which to bring your fantasies to life.


121 Spanking Sessions

Whether we’re dressing up and expressing different sides of ourselves through roleplay, or playing as ‘just us’, spanking gives us access to altered states of consciousness through deep dominance and submission, and opportunities for playfulness and improvised comedy. As an expert disciplinarian I understand the fetish inside out, including all those little moments and rituals that make it so exciting.


If that puts you in the mood to bend over my lap, let’s get something in the diary. I’ve lined up some offerings designed to give you a glow inside and out. 


Spanking Roleplay


Introduction to Spanking


Real Life Discipline

Sexuality Coaching


Gender Play


Erotic Domination


What satisfied clients are saying about Pandora Blake

The whole session exceeded my expectations. It was a wonderful experience and has left me craving for more. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for the way you made me relax and feel immediately comfortable, especially for the chat we had prior to the actual punishments. The small little touches, such as checking in with me about my preferences helped me further relax and get into the headspace.  You read my body language perfectly and it never felt more than I needed.
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